facts about speedway daugvpils latvia!

It contains 50,000 seats. The track is 373 metres long and has a granite surface. The track record was set by Grigory Laguta (68.6 sec on 13 August 2006).

  • Seniors:
  • SWE Timo Lahti
  • ITA Nicolas Covatti
  • SWE Joonas Kylmakorpi
  • RUS Sergei Logachev
  • LAT Ķasts Puodžuks
  • SWE Kim Nilsson
  • Juniors
  • LAT Jevgeņijs Kostigovs
  • LAT Dāvis Kurmis
  • LAT Oļegs Mihailovs
  • LAT Artjoms Trofimovs
  • LAT Andjeys Lebedevs
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